Graphic Design


Personal Branding Logo - 2019

This logo was actually originally designed for my portfolio, however I decided to go with a different one. 

I still made use of it though; if you open my portfolio on mobile this logo will appear in a welcome animation.


Tanner Cyr Poster - 2019

This poster was created to advertise a concert featuring the band "Tanner Cyr".


Stranger Things Character Profiles - 2018

Modified samples of the character profiles I created for my Stranger Things  fan website.


Reckless Renegade Logo(s) - 2018

Assignment 2 POSTER.png

Product Poster - 2017

This poster was made for a project in my 3D modelling class. The apple and the machine you see in the picture are actually models that I created in 3DS Max. 

The assignment was to make a machine that was functional and didn't already exist in real life. And then to make a poster advertising said product.

Jenaya Liptak
Lethbridge, AB
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